The Marksbury Family Foundation was established in 2009 as a way to give back to the University of Kentucky School of Engineering, the alma mater of our founder, Davis Marksbury. Since our inaugural project, our mission has evolved. In the 2010s our focus was on educational opportunities in Central Kentucky. As we are moving further into the 2020s, our foundation has expanded once more with a broader mission and new criteria search.

Currently we are interested in innovative projects that result in sustainable and measurable growth for individuals, communities, and local economies. While traditionally focused on Central Kentucky, we are broadening our search to also include Eastern Kentucky and Charleston, SC. We are seeking to partner and collaborate with leading non-profit organizations to either design new, financially self-sustaining projects or expand proven, high-quality programs into new geographical territories.


Davis Marksbury Jr.

Davis Jr. is the founder of the Marksbury Family Foundation. It is through his work with document creation software that the foundation’s existence is possible. Davis graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Kentucky with a degree in civil engineering in 1980.

Beverly Marksbury

Beverly grew up in Cynthiana, Kentucky. She moved to Lexington with Davis and her children in 1987. Beverly has been an active member in the community ever since. She has volunteered her time on numerous boards and non-profits throughout the city.

Davis Marksbury III

Davis III is the Marksbury Family Foundation’s expert on investments. He has degrees in History and Economics from the University of Kentucky.

Stacie Marksbury

Stacie is the Marksbury Family Foundation’s expert on early childhood education. Stacie grew up in Lexington, KY and graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2010 with a degree in elementary education.

Doris Marksbury

Doris is a Kentucky native and has resided in Lexington for the majority of her adult life. Doris is an active volunteer in Lexington; she serves as the treasurer of the camp committee of the Fayette County 4-H Council and volunteers at the Lexington Arboretum. Before her time as a volunteer, Doris had a thirty year career at IBM. She worked in secretarial services, human resources, and training. In her free time, Doris likes to garden and read.


Logan Marksbury

Logan graduated from Centre College in 2011 with a degree in International Studies. During her time at Centre, she was both an intern and volunteer with various non-profit organizations in Lexington . Post Centre, Logan worked at the Lexington startup Sojo Studios (now Causley). She is also a past board member of the BlueGrass Community Foundation. She now devotes her time to serving as the President of the Marksbury Family Foundation.